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  1. WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN & USE GOOD TECHNIQUE - You can use hand sanitizer as necessary but always follow up with a good hand washing when possible. This is the #1 means to prevent transmission of disease.

  2. USE RESPIRATORY ETIQUETTE - Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, preferably with a tissue, if not, use your hands & then wash them.

  3. STAY HOME - If you know that you are high risk, currently sick (or recently exposed to someone with COVID 19), please stay home.

  4. WEAR A FACE MASK - There is so much controversy over this. In my humble opinion, any mask is better than no mask & is certainly not going to harm anyone. What the data shows is that the most effective mask is the N95 followed by the surgical mask & then cloth masks. If the mask includes a filter, it will be more effective.


As they will need to be wiped down afterwards (i.e., phone, reading glasses, wallet, debit card, etc.)

  1. KEEP YOUR HOME, OFFICE, CAR, etc. CLEAN. This is just common sense.

  2. STAY 6 FEET AWAY FROM OTHERS (AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) - If you are closer than 6 feet apart but you both have on masks, the risk of transmission is VERY low.


  1. TOUCH YOUR FACE - Unless your hands are clean, then go right ahead.

  2. WEAR GLOVES IN PUBLIC OR AT YOUR HOUSE - The Queen of cleanliness, Florence Nightingale, would be so horrified! Hand hygiene (hand washing or sanitizer) & not touching your face with contaminated hands is sufficient to protect yourself from COVID 19. This includes latex gloves, dishwashing gloves, gardening gloves, ski gloves, etc. If you must wear disposable gloves, please STOP throwing them on the ground in the parking lots.

  3. DRIVE AROUND IN YOUR CAR WITH YOUR FACE MASK ON - You look really silly! The purpose of wearing a mask is to protect you from respiratory secretions from others that are physically near you. If you are in your car by yourself or with people you are quarantined with, it is just not necessary.

  4. GO VISIT GRANDMA & GRANDPA (OR ANYONE ELSE WHO IS HIGH RISK) - Again, for those at high risk, it is best to limit their exposure. Face time them or talk to them on the phone for now.

  5. VIOLATE SOCIAL DISTANCING MEASURES - Pay attention, there are new rules & regulations everywhere. Stand on the red dot, stay behind the Plexiglas, whatever you are being asked to do.

The building blocks of the immune system are bacteria & viruses. Our “natural flora” are the microorganisms that live on us but do not cause disease. On any given day, we have approximately 1 Trillion bacteria in & on our bodies and we are exposed to millions of “germs” a day.

Stay safe y’all!

The Content above is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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